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The Talk

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I wasn’t sure if I liked the television show “Black-ish” when it first came out.  If you have not ever seen it, it is a show that airs on ABC about an upper middle-class African American family that tries to find it’s way in “Suburban Culture”, if you will, as they try to hold true to their “black identity”.

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I Was Friend-Zoned On Christmas

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By ShiAnn, Samara, Trey, Amana and MiKayla

Have you ever been rejected before?  If you have, you know how it feels.  It’s emotionally painful and depressing.  I was talking to “L” on Christmas day when I told him that I liked him.  Shortly after I texted him, he replied that I was too young for him.  Later I am considering a post why love has no age but for now… He also said we are better off being friends! I was upset that he didn’t see me as more than a friend, but I found ways to get over it!

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