A Fourth of Generosity

After driving around for 3 hours in the late hours of the day trying to spread joy one burrito at a time I learned something: we are all humans.What it means to be human goes much farther than the title of homo sapien, it means a number of unsaid things.

Human = Skeptical

In today’s world nothing free is what it seems. I could hear the skepticism in people’s voices as I offered my logs of love, “ free? Ain’t nothing wrong with this right?”  This reaction actually surprised me as I figured that living life in a more free state would breed a person more receptive to hand outs.

Human = Complex

I was out till about 4 in the morning scouring the city for people to take my joy wraps and each person I came across was different than the next. I realized that 4 in the morning is quite late to be awake and strolling the streets in a city that does sleep. Having this in mind made me realize that everyone had a reason for being outside.

One man’s reason was that he was stranded, his sister-in-law supposedly kicked them out and they traveled all the east coast to see her. He and his children couldn’t sleep as they were walking and checking to see if they could find help on a day that most helpful places are closed. One of my comrades already beat me to the delivery so I could only give him a smile and my best wishes.

Aside from this it became hard to distinguish between people who actually needed this love and people stumbling out of bars. Everyone is basically the same, with this in mind I began looking more for people holding backpacks and less for people with a lost look on their face. You really can’t judge a book by its cover, a withered cover is a tale sign of the valuable pages it had to protect.

Human = Grateful

Although everyone in the world does not seem grateful but I feel like this is a situational quality. If one truly feels like you did something for them that they really needed or that they knew they could not do themselves then they will feel grateful.

I gave a lady in a wheelchair one of my love logs and she was a little skeptical but in the end she was grateful, “Thank you so much, you helped me out more than you’ll ever know.”

I was tempted to interview each person I gave food to but i decided not to. I enjoyed the little joy that came from each of their smiles and did not want to muddy up the memory with more complex stories. In the end I learned a valuable lesson. Everyone is just a result of what has happened to them. Hopefully my logs I gave out helped breed a more positive mindset.

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