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TeenView Magazine is a product of the Youth Educational Empowerment Program (YEEP). The Youth Educational Empowerment Program is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that teaches financial literacy from the ages of birth to 24 years of age, and their families, with a special emphasis in lower to moderate income communities; thus empowering them to set goals that they may be financially fit for a most productive future.

TeenView Magazine

TeenView is an empowerment program that motivates teens to go forward in life and enables teens to do positive things in the community; therefore, setting an example for their peers as well. TeenView’s plan is to use participating students representing all Wichita area high schools to impact the community by doing projects and activities. TeenView plans to work with the community to host fun and educational events for the youth, allow the youth to go on fun and empowering trips, and to provide an avenue for the Wichita teen’s “voice to be heard.” TeenView Magazine is a publication “for teens, by teens, from a teen’s point of view.”

Benefits of TeenView Magazine

In addition, TeenView Magazine builds leaders and is connected to programs that further financial literacy. A portion of the money, generated through ads, assists our “My First Car Loan” project. This program will help participants learn to save money and set goals as they prepare to purchase their first car.

Other benefits from this program allow teens to gain skills that can be used in future employment. Our teens learn Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, photography, reporting and many other skills.

The saying “you shall reap what you sow” is true in the case of TEENVIEW Magazine. As much effort and attention you put into TEENVIEW, you shall receive a vast amount of knowledge in certain areas as well as growth and further development in your current abilities. I have personally experienced this for myself, so I am aware of how things go. I am glad I made this commitment because it allowed me to go do things I never would have otherwise. But most importantly, as a writer, it gave me PURPOSE for my writing.

DeVontay Roberts

I am delighted to be a part of the TEENVIEW Magazine which is a great opportunity to express my talent and develop my skills as an individual at a young age. Through the TEENVIEW Magazine, I have had the ability to further develop and express my skills in communicating, interviewing people, writing articles, participating in photo shoots, and so much more! My goal is to study in a college or university in the U.S. My major will be in Communications (Marketing) with a minor in International Relations. TEENVIEW Magazine has provided me with all the factors needed to prepare me for this next step. The TEENVIEW Magazine Scholarship Program will make it possible for me to stay here in the U.S., making my friends and family proud. Whatever I do, I will be a passionate and hardworking leader!

Alissa Alibashikj *Macedonia

I started TEENVIEW Magazine in November of 2012, and it has been a joy ever since. I love writing, and it was my chance to do it for a publication. I had the ability to meet different people and experience different parts of Wichita that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I made new friends andd met people who I would love to work with in the future. TEENVIEW Magazine has even given me “a leg up” in the writing world. In fact, I was offered a full-ride scholarship to a college to be on their magazine and newspaper team. But, it doesn’t end there, as a member of the TEENVIEW Magazine “Fashion Committee”; I am getting ready to be a part of the “First Annual TEENVIEW Magazine Fashion Show” we are putting on May 25, 2013. 100 Degrees is going to be “HOT”, so come on out and see what we teens are doing through TEENVIEW Magazine!!!

D'Wayne Henry
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We Are Designers. We Are Innovators. We Are TeenView Magazine.

TeenView Magazine is a product of the Youth Educational Empowerment Program. We are currently located inside Office This; which is the old Wichita Mall.

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