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A Little Too Warped

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Surrounded by colorful hairstyles, leather clothing, piercings and tattoos could only mean one thing. The day had come. Not just any day, but The Day. The day that many awaited all year. The day others could only dream about. The day that changed lives. The day that made me realize Warped Tour is not for me.

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Suicide Squad Trailer

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With Comic Con in session, Warner Bros. is wasting no time revealing their big projects for the year of 2016. Marvel’s reign in superhero movie’s just might be getting a run for its money. With another superhero teaser, Warner Bros. Pictures has released a highly anticipated trailer: Suicide Squad. Initially wanting to be kept as a unique experience for Comic Con attendees, Warner Bros. Pictures released the trailer to the public after an illegally recorded version leaked on the web July 11. Check it out here! Read More

The Job Netflix

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Workforce Alliance Strives to Build a Necessary Job Resource for Teens

Get a job. It could be seen as a common phrase in America, with a negative connotation.

However, to the staff and members of Workforce Alliance it meant a moment of opportunity.Whether they were looking for a long term career or just getting back into the swing of the job market, residents of Wichita arrived at the Workforce Alliance job fair July 9 to be interviewed. The job fair was filled with diverse career booths and staff to answer questions or discuss opportunities. John Grant, workforce professional, was standing at the Workforce Alliance booth, already chatting with a prospective career opportunist. Read More

The Newbies

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Tips for Surviving High School


Written by Skylar Anderson

I believe high school is a major growth period and includes many turningpoints for each person. If you’re going into your freshman year, it’s easy to find yourself nervous and faced with many questions about this new journey you’ll soon embark on. I put together a list of things to keep in mind as you navigate through it. Read More

Summer Bucket List: What to do NOW

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Five Tips to Help Your Summer Goals

Ah. Sweet sweet summertime. Ditching your adorable sweater for a minimal bikini to keep yourself from burning up like Stannis’s daughter in season 5… yeah, summer may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but we can all agree it’s the most ideal season for achieving some well put off goals, especially if you’re a teen. As June nears its end however, so does the opportunity to accomplish all of those crazy things you had in mind for your spectacular summer. But your dream of stargazing in your backyard or starting your own blog (My current state of being. More information soon.) hasn’t totally expired. Creating a summer bucket list is the best way to make sure your summer is up to bragging standards. Here are five things you can do to ensure the rest of your summer is just that: braggable.

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