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Leveling up Fast on Pokemon Go!

Leveling up Fast on Pokemon GO!

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We are almost 1 week into Pokemon GO, the new augmented reality app that has done the impossible; Get people off of their couches, out of their homes, and into the real world. Although based around critters of fiction, what makes this game interesting is going out and meeting other people playing the game. Whether it’s to take down an enemy gym, or to “Catch Em All”, Pokemon GO is making a huge impact on both the gaming and social scene. In the journey of becoming the best, there are many ways of leveling up fast on Pokemon GO!

I’m going to give you 5 Beginner Tips you need to know, in order to level up quickly:

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What's new in iOS10

What’s new in iOS10

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What’s new in iOS10

written by Kyle Holly

Earlier this month Apple held their yearly would wide developers conference in California. This year one of the major announcement was the new iOS 10 update that is coming this fall to Apple portable devices. iOS 10 includes major updates for a wide variety of apps, services, and features, including Messages, Siri, Photos, Apple Music, and more. CEO of Apple Tim Cook called this the biggest iOS update ever. Here at Teenview we are excited and here are some of the major highlighted features.

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Top 10 Backwoods Music Festival 2016 Improvements

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Bright lights! Big sound! Good Vibes! It is that time of year again. Festival season is upon us, and Backwoods Music Festival is the place to be. 2015  was an experience to remember, and 2016 will be bigger and better. There have been some major improvements to the festival this year, to make the experience even better. We are going to give you our top 10 Backwoods Music Festival 2016 improvements.

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