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Michael Morgan

A New Black Lives Matter Movement

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Written By: Timothy Waller

Social justice is by far the most talked about topic on social media. Whether it be about equal rights, discrimination, or other social issues, social justice is a big deal in today’s world. One movement that you have undoubtedly heard of is the Black Lives Matter movement. Read More

The Mission of New Orleans

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Written By: Kelcie Ward & Dolan Enloe

On July 4th 2016, a team of 37 high school students, including ourselves, headed to New Orleans for a missions trip. After a short flight from Kansas City, we landed at Lewis Armstrong international airport. This is our story. Read More

Fantasy Football Draft Preview 2016

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We are less than two weeks away from actually watching professional football again! Albeit, it’s the Hall of Fame game, but, nonetheless, a pro-football game. The dark period of the NFL off-season is over and now it’s time to actually start thinking about fantasy football. Here are some tips and tricks for all of you fantasy lovers out there! Read More