A New Black Lives Matter Movement

By August 3, 2016General

Written By: Timothy Waller

Social justice is by far the most talked about topic on social media. Whether it be about equal rights, discrimination, or other social issues, social justice is a big deal in today’s world. One movement that you have undoubtedly heard of is the Black Lives Matter movement.

Starting after the Michael Brown shooting in 2012, the Black Lives Matter movement has grown immensely, with an ever growing nationwide influence. The movement itself is just that- a movement. It portrays what the people want, but it is not an organized (with listed demands and leaders) movement. Until now.

Starting in Baltimore, a new branch of the BLM movement has emerged, stating exactly what they want. This agenda known as “A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice” has released six demands and forty recommendations on addressing those demands. The demands outline a general “radical transformation” (a spokeswoman with Baltimore Bloc, the agenda’s partner, said) that will in their view decrease discrimination against the African-American population.

Some aspects of these demands include an end to the militarized police presence at protests around the nation. They cite the heavy police presence at the Ferguson riots as an example. Another major change that the agenda is pushing for is the passing of a bill that would fund a commission to “study” reparations for descendants of African-American slaves.

This agenda is gaining more and more popularity among the entire Black Lives Matter movement and also with many Americans who are disagreeing. The agenda’s popularity has even won their representatives a trip to the White House to meet with President Obama to discuss the movement’s motives and how to possibly implement them.

Social justice is an ever growing topic, with many people becoming more interested an involved. It will definitely be interesting to see how “successful” this movement becomes…

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