A Dog's Purpose

A Dog’s Purpose – The Truth About The Controversy

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Based on the popular novel “A Dog’s Purpose” by Bruce Cameron, the big screen production was supposed to set the tone for “feel good” movies of 2017. Showing the true companionship of a dog and his owner, the movie showcased five decades of Ethan’s life as the dog is being reincarnated each time as the boy grows older.  The movie was set to release January 27 with many moviegoers excited for its arrival.

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Kaepernick’s Protest

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Written by Kielice Holsey – Derby

Although kaepernick says it was his constitutional right to protest, as it percieved is taken as a racial protest during the playing of the National Anthem. Eventhough it is his constitutional right, it could still alienate some of the military areas and law enforcement as well. Read More

Food For Thought – The Stigma Around Eating Disorders

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Written By: Darby VanHoutan

On Thursday, June 2nd, the world recognized the first World Eating Disorder Day of Action. There were great things happening when the day arrived all around the world. Celebrities chimed in, people made it relevant with hashtags, and thousands of individuals around the world didn’t eat, made themselves throw up, or binge eat due to an eating disorder. Read More

Is it ok if You’re African-American!?!

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Written by: Marquis Murphy

By now all of you have heard of the incident where Kentucky Wildcats basketball player Andrew Harrison used a racial slur and dropped the F-bomb. Oh, wait… all of you have not heard about this? You mean it’s not on every news outlet in the country? Are there no unity marches out of the basketball stadium like the Oklahoma Sooners football team after the SAE video? Are you like the rest of them that thinks it’s no big deal, it’s his culture perhaps? What if Kentucky won the game and Kaminsky would have said F*** that N*****. There would have been riots in the streets! I lived in Wisconsin, I know. Read More