Joe Jackson, Father of Michael Jackson dies at 89

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Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, dies 2 days following his son’s 9 year death anniversary. Joe Jackson has been criticized in the past for his parenting skills, and has even been label by few, as a bad father. But, he is the father to the “King of Pop”, Janet Jackson and the Jackson 5. TeenView encountered Joe Jackson on the Red Carpet, at the 2018 Stellar Awards. Joe was reported to have been battling with terminal pancreatic cancer, and was reported to have passed on Wednesday morning, June 27, 2018.

Justin Bieber Hits the Paparazzi

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Written By: Hennessey Thomas

Last night Justin Bieber was trying to escape a group of paparazzi when the accident happened. He was leaving a City Church service around nine-thirty p.m. Justin got into his black monster pickup truck and as he slowly pulled away he ran over a photographer with his front right tire. Read More

Asahd: A Star is Born

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Written By: Helena Wares

This is why Baby Asahd has the Best Dad. Having the public’s eyes, from fans, haters, and aspiring parents on him at all times has been the highlight of DJ Khaled’s life, apparently. While the majority of us have no clue what we’re doing with our life, Asahd out here with no chill. This boy isn’t even aged past the decimal point, proving the grind never stops. Don’t be deceived! Being the child of hit producer DJ Khaled means Asahd’s been busy since birth. He out here as the executive producer for DJ Khaled’s “Grateful” album shaming North West for being 4 and unemployed. Read More