K-State Black Face

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I feel sorry for Paige!


It is not her fault.  Nope, I do not blame Paige one bit for her insensitive, highly offensive post she put up on social media (snapchat) that made it all the way to CNN.  Paige Shoemaker a student at K-State University has caused a bit of a fire storm after putting a black substance of her face and posting, “Feels good to finally be a Nigga”

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A New Black Lives Matter Movement

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Written By: Timothy Waller

Social justice is by far the most talked about topic on social media. Whether it be about equal rights, discrimination, or other social issues, social justice is a big deal in today’s world. One movement that you have undoubtedly heard of is the Black Lives Matter movement. Read More

Leveling up Fast on Pokemon Go!

Leveling up Fast on Pokemon GO!

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We are almost 1 week into Pokemon GO, the new augmented reality app that has done the impossible; Get people off of their couches, out of their homes, and into the real world. Although based around critters of fiction, what makes this game interesting is going out and meeting other people playing the game. Whether it’s to take down an enemy gym, or to “Catch Em All”, Pokemon GO is making a huge impact on both the gaming and social scene. In the journey of becoming the best, there are many ways of leveling up fast on Pokemon GO!

I’m going to give you 5 Beginner Tips you need to know, in order to level up quickly:

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elie wiesel - holocaust

Elie Wiesel Holocaust Survivor Dies at Age 87

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Many of us may recall being taught about the Holocaust growing up. Whether it be from our teachers or reading books such as Number The Stars or The Diary of Anne Frank. Such a horrific event that happened decades ago, still saddens our hearts today. The Holocaust claimed the lives of over six million Jews and left few survivors to tell their stories. Among them, Elie Wiesel shared his story with millions across the world. Read More