Kaepernick’s Protest

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Written by Kielice Holsey – Derby

Although kaepernick says it was his constitutional right to protest, as it percieved is taken as a racial protest during the playing of the National Anthem. Eventhough it is his constitutional right, it could still alienate some of the military areas and law enforcement as well. Read More

Death Threats in Gaming – Rage In Real Life

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Written By: Tim Waller

Everyone loves getting a new video game. Whether it be picking up a used one or finally getting that one you preordered four months ago, getting a new game is a good feeling. Because of this, many people can get very irritated when that game they were anticipating for the last three months is delayed further by the developers. Delaying a release date has become a common occurrence among developers due to glitches, bugs, and other errors that need fixing before the game is playable. Other times, a developer may simply change an aspect of the game they promised (for better or worse) or perhaps they cancel it all together. Many (and I mean most) gamers can understand this, despite being disappointed; however, there are some that can’t accept that fact and become quite the… nuisance. Read More