Sky Cam in Use for TNF

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Written By: A.J. McDaniel


The NFL has opened up a new way for the public to view the game: The “Sky Cam.” Anyone that has ever played Madden knows the way the game is displayed to be almost like a third person ball handler view. Now, this angle is going to be broadcasted over live airwaves. Read More

Big-time Injuries in Big-time Sports

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Written By: A.J. McDaniel

It’s the most wonderful month of the year for sports fans: October. The MLB postseason is underway, The NFL is going strong, and the NBA is just starting off. While this is my personal favorite month of the year it’s also a time where players can find themselves facing severe, and season-ending injuries. Let’s look back over the past few weeks and revisit all of the major players that have been sidelined for a while. Read More