New Contact Rules in NFL

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Roughing the Passer Rule Ruining Football Over the years the NFL rules committee has done its best to keep unnecessary risk out of football a lot of that has resulted in making it harder for the defense to make plays. Whether it be the Tuck rule or Targeting rules. Defensive players are being forced to protect the offensive player when they are coming full speed trying to take a grown man to the ground. Asking the players to pay attention to how they are tackling is one thing but making them take care of the player they are tackling while they are falling, that is a little bit too much to ask of anybody. Read More

LeBron James – I Promise School

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Written by: Elijah Grim – Southeast High

LeBron James and his LeBron James Foundation has opened a school in LeBron’s hometown, Akron Ohio. The I Promise school is targeted to at-risk youth. LeBron has taken several steps to make sure a lot of obstacles are removed by providing several incentives and options. Read More

NFL Preseason Schedule

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Written by AJ McDaniel

It’s the most magical time of the year that hard hitting adrenaline pumping time… Pro football is back!!!!! Well almost it’s the preseason so we’re four weeks out but it is a very bearable four weeks. Sure you won’t know a single player on the field come the fourth quarter but it is still football and you never know you could be watching the next future superstar. Read More