The Rock Clock

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Can you smell what the rock is cooking… in the morning?

The Rock Clock is an inspirational and motivational alarm clock that is built around goal setting and achieving. It has 24 alarm sounds (some of which uses The Rocks own voice) to make sure you get up or get where you need to on time. there are also daily motivational quotes that appear when your alarm goes off.

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Jacob Whitesides Continued “Love Sick”

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By: Darby

Jacob continued to post covers on Youtube. He constantly watched the music charts and covered the songs in hopes that people would stumble on them while searching. “Ya know, I didn’t have massive success at first. I just had a comment here and there but it helped me be really personal and go on and respond to those people and create friendships and then they kept coming back and watching my videos more and more” said Whitesides.

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