Written by: Skylar Anderson – Derby High

This live-action rendition of the classic fairy tale, coming to theaters March 13th, 2015, is the story of a servant step-daughter who captures the heart of a prince; a story we all know and love. Starring in this version of Cinderella is Lily James (from “Downtown Abbey”) who is playing the title role; opposite of Richard Madden (from “Game of Thrones”). Also starring, Stellan Skarsgård (from”The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” & “Thor”), and Tony-Award Winner Derek Jacobi (from “Gosford Park”). Did I mention, Helena Bonham (from “Sweeney Todd” & “Alice in Wonderland”) plays the Fairy Godmother? Now, we know it’s going to be good. With new faces to put to some of our all-time favorite fairytale characters, this should be interesting. Directing, this major, musical motion-picture, is the award-winning British actor, Kenneth Branagh. His long-time collaborator, Patrick Doyle, provides this movie with a score.
The storyline goes a little something like this; young Ella (Cinderella) is faced with a new stepmother and two new step-sisters after her merchant father remarries following her mother’s death. After the untimely death of her father, she’s suddenly in the hands of a jealous and cruel family. One day, she meets a stranger in the woods, unaware that he is a prince. She’s under the impression that this kind soul is merely an apprentice at the palace. She is sparked with hope when the palace sends out an open-invitation for all maidens to attend a ball. There, she wishes to encounter the kind stranger once again. A writer from io9, Rob Bricken, says,”What I’m most impressed with is how Cinderella strikes the perfect tone all these live-action Disney movies should be aiming for. It’s earnest, but too hokey, funny without being too clever or snarky, devoted to the original, animated movie without being completely beholden to it.” He also notes, “I could criticize some of the CG magic effects with the pumpkin carriage, but then Richard Madden pops up with those eyes and really I can’t bring myself to say anything mean at all.” With fresh new faces and a talented director, this movie has the makings of a fantastic film. However, that is completely up to you to decide.

*Showing before the film, will be Disney’s short film sequel to Frozen, entitled Frozen Fever.
*Lily James (Cinderella) is only seven years younger than her mother (Hayley Atwell).
*The lead role was offered to Emma Watson, but she declined.
*Director Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham Carter (Ella’s Fairy Godmother) had an affair and dated in the 1990s.