Dreadlocks Now Ban In The Workplace

By October 1, 2016Hair



In most recent news, federal courts have ruled that dreadlocks can now be ban in the workplace.

The Court of Appeals responded to a racial discrimination case back in 2010 in Alabama. Chastity Jones was getting ready to start her new job, but the offer was rescinded after Human Resources told her hairstyle was inappropriate. The woman’s reasoning was dreadlocks “tend to get messy.”

Chastity filed a suit with EEOC where they argued that the reason for not allowing dreads at the company is based on racial discrimination since the dreadlocks hairstyle are associated with African Americans. This case was later dismissed in  2015.

U.S. Circuit Judge Adalberto Jordan says: “We recognize that the distinction between immutable and mutable characteristics of race can sometimes be a fine (and difficult) one, but it is a line that courts have drawn. So, for example, discrimination on the basis of black hair texture (an immutable characteristic) is prohibited by Title VII, while adverse action on the basis of black hairstyle (a mutable choice) is not.”

We have also seen the banning of other natural hairstyles in the school system and as a result parents were outraged.

What are your thoughts on this ruling?

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