Season 1

Sn01Ep01 – WSU

Join the sit-down with TeenView’s Jessica Raine and WSU’s Chadrack Lufile.

Sn01Ep02 – Riverfest

Take a look as TeenView cover the Wichita’s Riverfest and our Youth Speak Out panel discusses HIV/AIDS.

Sn01Ep03 – Relationship

Join the conversation with our teen panel of some of the things they encounter in relationships today. Also, check out the “Top Teen 5″ break up songs.

Sn01Ep04 – Tech Zone

This episode was “techie” from the beginning to the end. Our panel discussed E3, Sophii Jones joined TeenView’s Kendra to talk about cosplay, and Blake and Malcolm discussed the hottest place to game in Wichita.

Sn01Ep05 – Generation Battle

Join TeenView members as they take a stroll down memory lane. Also, check out the Generation Battle, as our panel of the young, and the not as young, discuss the differences of the generations.

Sn01Ep06 – The Working Teen

Join the conversation with our teen panel who discussed some work experiences and what to do and what not to do during a job interview. Also, join TeenView’s Lilly as see shares some beauty advice.

Sn01Ep07 – Music

This episode aired August 9th, on MyTV Wichita at 11:30 am. This episode was filled with different genres of music. Join our TeenView group as they discuss the type of music they prefer. Also, don’t miss the music trivia hosted by Lilly.

Sn01Ep08 – Hot Spots

On this episode we talked about our favorite hot spots in Wichita, and some hot spots that we wished were here. Also, join Caden, Kyler and the wonder staff at Red Robin, as they discuss their new signature burgers on their new menu.

Sn01Ep09 – Movies

In this episode our panel sat and discussed this summer movies that we enjoyed and really didn’t like. Also, take a look at an upcoming event in Kansas City, called Dancedfestopia.

Sn01Ep10 – Recap

This is the final episode of the season! Watch as our host Jessica Raine talks to the people behind the camera to see what it takes to bring TeenView TV to life!

TeenView Magazine Presents

Ep01 – Doubtful City

In this episode some of the Teenview Members are doubtful of leader and CEO of Teenview Magazine Marquis. Will we go on with the plans of one of our biggest events? Find out in this weeks episode of Teenview Magazine Presents.

Ep02 – Breaking Into Groups

Watch as the TeenView crew plan their attempt to break the record for the world’s largest water balloon fight. In this episode, the crew breaks into groups, to make sure all things are covered.

Ep03 – Get the Word Out

In this episode witness the TeenView Magazine staff planning and brainstorming different ways to advertise and get the word out for TeenView Magazine’s attempt to break the World’s Largest Water Balloon Fight record.

Ep04 – Time and Money

Watch how TeenView Magazine’s staff continue their journey of working together and try to beat the world record for the World’s Largest Water Balloon Fight. Watch the up and downs.

Ep05 – It All Comes To This

Watch TeenView Magazine’s water balloon fight episode. Look at the closing days that leads to TeenView’s attempt to break the world’s largest water balloon fight.

Season 2

Sn02Ep01 – Welcome Back Recap

TeenView TV is back! Check out the results from our Water Balloon Fight. Also, check out some our old segments and new segments to make this year better.

Sn02Ep02 – Riverfest 2015

Check out TeenView’s coverage of Wichita’s 2015 Riverfest.

Sn02Ep03 – Girl Code

Check out the 1st episode of TeenView’s Battle of Sexes, which is a three part series. Ladies first, so check out the Girl Code edition of TeenView Magazine.

Sn02Ep04 – Guy Code

Last week you saw Girl Code, now it’s time to see Guy Code. Look into the taught an actions of guys

Sn02Ep05 – Battle of the Sexes

TeenView presents the battle of the sexes. we’ve covered the thoughts and opinions of both sexes and now its time put them head to head.


Check out this years hottest movies in our latest episode of Teenview TV.

Sn02Ep07 – Fashion

Check out TeenView’s Fashion episode. Check out Kara and Rheagen’s take on fashion, and much more!

Sn02Ep08 – Music

Check out live performances and a special interview, from Kansas City’s own The Popper.

Sn02Ep09 – Back to School

Summer is ending, which mean school is starting. Here is TeenView TV’s “Back to School” episode, so you can prep for this up and coming year.

Sn02Ep07 – Finale

The season finale is here. See the highlight reel of the season.

Teenview Magazine Presents

Sn03 Preview

Buckle your seat belts! TeenView TV is back. We have been busy this previous year. So you will see some old faces and some new faces. Sit back and enjoy!

Day2Day – Ep01

Our new Reality show that brings you an inside look at what goes on Day to day at the offices of Teenview Magazine.

In todays episode Marquis tries to “Rebuild” the team after having an almost new team from last year. Lets see how the New team gets ready for an upcoming event they have

Day2Day – Ep02

Our new Reality show that brings you an inside look at what goes on Day to day at the offices of Teenview Magazine.

This week the team gets ready for our upcoming Superhero Bash Party. A simple clean up is needed but see how even the simplest of tasks can be a headache for our group leaders. With just hours away from the party, and with crazy weather going on will the party even be a success?

Day2Day – Ep03

Our new Reality show that brings you an inside look at what goes on Day to day at the offices of Teenview Magazine.

This weeks is all Riverfest, Teenview Magazine took over this years Riverfest. With Live interviews and Live Dirty Napkins this Episode is packed.

Day2Day – Ep04

Our new Reality show that brings you an inside look at what goes on Day to day at the offices of Teenview Magazine.

We are down to the Final 2 Episodes of this season.

This week Teenview Magazine has been creating a lot of content for the website but its not being made by its core group. See how all the praise goes to the “City Kids” While the Core Group gets asked to “Step their game up” before some of them get Fired.

Day2Day – Ep05

Our new Reality show that brings you an inside look at what goes on Day to day at the offices of Teenview Magazine.

We are down to the Final Episode of this season!

This week the core group fires back. They decide to pull a photo shoot for Inner City Peace. Watch as we give you a behind the scenes look at how Teenview Magazine does photo shoots

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Lorenzo (Lo-Soul) Atkinson Jr.

Season 3

Sn03Ep01 – Because of the Internet

We are changing things up this season and what a better way then to start off the season then with the internet!

Sn03Ep02 – You Used to Call Me On Your Cell Phone

This Episode we are talking about Cell Phones and how they rule our lives. We also have an interview with the Coo and Co Creator of Not Human Apparel!

Sn03Ep04 – Will You Go Out With Me

On this episode we are talking about love and relationships, the good, the bad, the ugly!

Sn03Ep05 – Politricks

It’s election year. See TVM take on this upcoming election.