Ezekiel Elliott Suspended by NFL

By August 11, 2017Sports

Written By: A.J. McDaniel

Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys’ star running-back, has been suspended for six game due to domestic violence.

Back in the July of 2016 Zeke was accused of attacking his girlfriend, who was sitting in her car in a Columbus parking lot. His girlfriend posted pictures on her Instagram and tagged Zeke in them. The accusation was quietly dismissed due to conflicting evidence. It also helped that Zeke had a growing fan base down in Dallas that watched him thinking he could do no wrong.

All the evidence that was brought forth to the local authorities was deemed not enough for them to make a criminal charge, however, for the NFL, it was more than enough to determine a punishment. Elliot at this moment is not allowed to return until October 29th when the Cowboys travel to Washington to play the Redskins. But Elliott can try and appeal the decision and earn a lightened sentence or to dismiss the sentence all together.

The NFL has had a small reputation of handling situations like this in that manner where they deal out a serious punishment and the moment they are met with lawyers and such, they turn around and lighten or dismiss the sentence altogether. Just like the New York Giants kicker Josh Brown who was given a six-game suspension after silently admitting to several accounts of physical, verbal, and mental abuse of his wife after a lifetime together. He appealed the decision and has been given a one-game ban.

Although, let’s say that Zeke doesn’t get off the hook with this one, what does that mean for the Cowboys? The Dallas Cowboys last season ran sixty-percent of the time. Now, this is still possible. Due to their amazing offensive line, they can continue to pound the ball with second string running back Alfred Morris. This could be Dak Prescott’s breakout moment to make himself the star of the team. Last season Dak threw 3,667 yards and 23 touchdowns on 68% passing completions, an absolutely incredible rookie season assuming he avoids any kind of sophomore slumps could potentially boost him into making a name for himself. Which could be very key in a few years ‘cause when the time comes Dak could demand more passes and payment, but if the Cowboys invest more into Zeke, Dak would be totally justified in searching for a better higher paying job. And after the season he just had I can bet it won’t be hard for him to find a new home somewhere very appreciative of his talents.

The near future of the Dallas Cowboys running back is in jeopardy, but the future for Dak is looking bright. And for all the other competition in the NFC East, with no Zeke teams can game plan a strong passing coverage and handle the power of Alfred Morris.

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