How are the Stars Voting?

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With voting in the 11th hour, all eyes are on the polls and projections.  There will be a lot of talk about the 270 Electoral Votes and Blue or Red states.  But have you decided who you will be voting for?  Check out your favorite celebrities and see if they share the same view as you.

Hillary Voters                                                             Donald Trump Voters

Demi Lavato                                                               Mike Tyson

Lady Gaga                                                                  Tila Tequila

Kendall Jenner                                                            Gary Busey

Kim Kardashian                                                          Tom Brady

Justin Timberlake                                                        Ann Coulter

Miley Cyrus                                                                Kid Rock

Anne hathaway                                                           Paul O’Neill

Sigourney Weaver                                                       Hulk Hogan

Drew Barrymore                                                         Dennis Rodman

George Clooney                                                          Wayne Newton

Meryl Streep                                                               Jon Voight

Olivia Wilde                                                                Chingy

Amy Poehler                                                               Lou Ferrigno

Ne-Yo                                                                         Azealia Banks

Snoop Dog

50 Cent

Steve Harvey

Labron James

Robert DeNiro

Katy Perry

Kerry “Olivia Pope” Washington



Still supporting Sanders

Susan Sarandon

Mark Ruffalo

Sarah Silverman

Danny Devito

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