-Written by: Kelcie Ward
Teenview received access pass to the JT (Justin Timberlake) concert on Cinco de Mayo in Tulsa,Oklahoma .

JT is an amazing entertainer and does not disappoint. His new album Man in the Woods is so unique and different from anything he has ever done before. Even with his new music out he was able to perform some of his classics including mirrors, my love, and suit and tie. The audience varied of all age ranges. He is one of the only entertainers with this wide of range of fans. During the song Hers (interlude) he and his dancers sat around an actual fire and sang together telling their love stories. This was leading up to the song flannel which is a typical sitting around a camp fire song. We would recommend to go and see him in concert, even if you aren’t a fan we promise you’ll have a grand time!

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