K-State Black Face

By September 16, 2016General, Identity

I feel sorry for Paige!


It is not her fault.  Nope, I do not blame Paige one bit for her insensitive, highly offensive post she put up on social media (snapchat) that made it all the way to CNN.  Paige Shoemaker a student at K-State University has caused a bit of a fire storm after putting a black substance of her face and posting, “Feels good to finally be a Nigga”

Young people have grown up listening to music throwing around the N-word.  Movies, videos, school yard conversations; it’s everywhere.  In many cases, the N-word, (ending in “a”) has become a term of endearment.   No, seriously!

Paige and her friends probably have a lot of black friends who play and say these things all the time.  They have become comfortable and desensitized to the word and it’s painful stain to so many.

Paige and her friend may have thought that they were excepted, one of the homies or whatever the acceptable term is today.  But they were dead wrong!

They saw it as funny, she even said so in her apology statement.  But how can we be upset with her when people of color and the young generation use it so freely.  The sad part about this is Paige and her friend will forever have a wedge between them and the black community.  Good thing for her, after some time she will be another white face in the crowd able to get adequate employment and live the good ole American Dream. She will never know how it fells to be a …………. What are your thoughts?


  • Jimmy says:

    I believe what Paige did was more of immature move then racial. She needs a Public Relations Specialist, lol! I really think she will bounce back from this. I’m sure she has at least a few black friends were she is comfortable around who allows her to use the n-word without any repercussion. She is a young attractive lady, while getting a facial, who made a snapchat, without expecting anyone to screenshot it. What she should learn from this, is that even if your circle is numb to the n-word, the n-word brings a lot of pain and hatred in America. Next time she is on social media and if she ever uses the n-word again, private message it or send to a select group, don’t add it to your stories or timeline.

  • Kielice says:

    Why is it that whenever it’s a joke about being black or even anything that you can think of that involves the racial effect of being black that it is made such a big deal over?
    If a black woman or man painted their face white and said something about being white it would’ve been used to show that not all people show offense, but because it’s about being black it’s wrong?
    Is our society really equal anymore?

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