LeBron James – I Promise School

By August 7, 2018School, Sports

Written by: Elijah Grim – Southeast High

LeBron James and his LeBron James Foundation has opened a school in LeBron’s hometown, Akron Ohio. The I Promise school is targeted to at-risk youth. LeBron has taken several steps to make sure a lot of obstacles are removed by providing several incentives and options.

Each Student receives:

-free tuition
-free uniforms
-free bicycle
-free transportation within 2 miles
-free breakfast, lunch and snack
-food pantry for families
-GED’s and job placement services for parents
-Guarnteed tuition to the University of Akron for every student who graduates

LeBron is doing this because Akron,Ohio is his hometown and he’s just doing it for them. To help students get a better education after Akron was seeing students underperform in classrooms- by 2022 the classes will include 1st-8th grade. Many people are acknowledging him & he is getting good publicity even after President Trump insulted him.

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