Monday Morning Quarterbacking

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A look at the Politics in the NFL


It’s Monday and most of the games of week three are in the books.  Just like every other Monday, fans and sports analyst have a lot to say about what took place on the gridiron.  But interesting enough, the Monday Morning Quarterback isn’t talking about what happened on the field, but instead what happened on the sideline or in the locker room and boy are they talking.

Every talk show seemed to address those players that decided to protest the national anthem and those who did not.  The short history will tell you that President Trump spoke out against players that decided to protest in a speech he gave in Alabama on September 22, 2017.  He referred to those who protested in a derogatory manner.


NFL players and owners responded immediately and more players took a knee this weekend then ever before.  The Pittsburg Stealers stayed in the locker room during the anthem save Alejandro Villanueva who stood alone right outside the tunnel.


To give a little more history regarding this protest, it started with the lone protest of former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick who first kneeled during the anthem over a year ago.

There were a lot of emotions regarding this topic on the radio.  On a local radio show in Wichita, Kansas host were very disgusted with the fact that people protested.  They believed that this was total disrespect to our nation and to the men and women that fought for our country.  During the show, a caller called in (name not mentioned) and made a statement that should really be the true focus.  “The conversation should be why they are kneeling”.


As we discuss the events of the National Anthem and the NFL, it is important to realize that the ability to protest in the United States is exactly what makes America Great!  When there is a perceived injustice, we should talk about it.  We need to listen to our fellow Americans that have problems with the government.  We need to have serious conversation about why their is a big achievement gap among African American students.  Lets discuss why African American men are paid 33% less then their white counterparts for the same positions.


If taking a knee will cause our nation to Monday Morning Quarterback about the issues that are critical to moving our nation forward, then by all means, Take a Knee!


We want to know how you feel about this topic.


Does it make you have a negative view on our nation or the NFL?

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