Motivational Moment – “You is kind, You is smart, You is important”

By August 10, 2017Uncategorized

On a daily basis, we are bum rushed with negative thoughts and situations that can weigh on us mentally. We make mistakes that make us feel inadequate.  We question our own quality of friendship.  We do not always value our self-worth. We should.

If you have not seen the movie The Help you have probably seen the Gif of this title or heard someone quote it.


Though the improper grammar may make us giggle, the meaning behind the message is POWERFUL!


Sometimes it’s important to hear positive affirmations.  Unfortunately, many people are not standing around passing out complements.  Therefore, we may have to be our own cheerleader!


Make an effort to be kind to people!  This is a good way to spread positive vibes and get some in return.  It is also a reminder to us to actually Be Kind.


Identify when you do something well.  Stick our your chest, pound it if you must.  Give yourself a GOLD STAR if you have a smart moment.


Most importantly, know that you are important!  You have Value, Your Life Matters!  So make sure you make it count.  And when you find yourself in those down moment, just look in the mirror and repeat after me…


“I is Kind, I is Smart, I is Important!”

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