Movie Review – Me Before You

By June 7, 2016Movies

Written By: Mistori Nicholson

Me Before You is a “romantic” movie, yet, to me, it’s more about the raw emotions than the romance. Make sure you bring tissues! WARNING: Spoilers Ahead.

In the beginning, Will has it all. Everything a man wants in life: a cute girl, a great best friend , a great job, and he’s not exactly slumming it. Not even three minutes into the movie you see that he becomes paralyzed. After his accident, he loses everything.  Matt, his mom, and his dad live in a castle; yes, you read that right, a freaking castle! Talk about not slumming it. Will gets in his accident and thus has a care taker. Enter Game of Thrones‘ actress, Daenerys Targeryen. Oops, I mean Emilia Clarke, who play “Lou”

Will and “the Mother of dragons” (Sorry, Lou) go to his best friend and ex-girlfriend’s wedding together. They have fun and they even dance on the dance floor. Or maybe I should say rolled on the dance floor, considering he’s paralyzed. All the time she was hanging out and dating him she was trying to change his mind. Will tells his mom that in six months he is going to go to Switzerland, because in Switzerland, if you have a disability or you are in  pain they can give you a shot to “put you to sleep.” So the whole time his mother thought she could change his mind (Spoiler: she couldn’t); then, after a great night on the beach, Will tells Lou what he was going to do and ask her if she would go with him. She says no,but when Will leaves her she  realized that she had to go even if it was hard for her, so she goes and they live happily ever after.. not. Long story short, he gets his shot in Switzerland (jerk move, by the way) and leaves Lou a substantial amount of money. 

Honestly, this movie had its pitfalls, but I thoroughly enjoy it. I give it a 7/10! See you for next week’s episode of Game of Thrones.. Okay, sue me. I had to get one more reference in there.


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