The Lifelessness of the NBA

By June 29, 2017Sports

Written By: A.J. McDaniel

The NBA has officially reached a stopping point. The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers have stacked their teams to the point where it will be a long time until we see a new face in the championship, so if you like watching a race for second place in your conference then the NBA is still your go-to sport to watch then.

Golden State has nothing stopping them from making it to the finals for the next 5 seasons. With a powerful front court and NBA talent that is just looking for rings and a place to go get them, David West and Kevin Durant have already made that point very clear. David West, a back up Power Forward for the Golden State Warriors, was recorded as saying, “Taking a pay cut to play for the Golden State Warriors is a no question sacrifice.” David West was a starter for the San Antonio Spurs and has had a pretty solid career (especially in Indiana), but some people have used the move to Golden State as a pathetic ring chasing pursuit. To this he responded, “Of course they do, but do they weigh a great player by his loyalty to one team or by the number of rings on his hand. Every player is trying to obtain the ultimate sign of success in any sport, a championship ring.”

Kevin Durant has always been vocal about his pursuit and why he came to Golden State. He is looking to get rings and he doesn’t care who knows it. Golden State has become the local refugee camp for any NBA greats that want to get a quick ring before they retire.

While Golden State acquires their talent through free agency Cleveland has gotten theirs through the draft starting with Lebron James in 2003 and Kyrie Irving in 2011. Then topped off the trio by bringing in Kevin Love in 2014 via trade, and backed them up with JR Smith and many other talents wanting to hop on the Cleveland rise to the championship.

While there is nothing wrong with this it has just begun to get very bland we have reached a climatic trilogy in the NBA Finals –  Warriors vs. Cavs III: The Warriors Strikes Back. I presume we will be seeing a full six or seven straight years of championship rematches. I see no easy end to this horrific future and for some that’s a great thing to see. But for someone who wants to see a real fight for the championship  and a real battle to get there it’s not very amusing to watch a team go 14-0 through the playoffs; impressive, yet devoid of fun. The NBA has reached a relapse of the Lakers and Celtics back from 1962-1969 when the teams met five times in that era.

As of right now, we can only hope that a new horizon can shine over the NBA: Father Time. While no team is guaranteed to have a new all-star rookie lead them through the playoffs to dethrone one of these two powerhouses, hopefully the potential will soon be there.

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