NFL Preseason Schedule

By August 2, 2018Sports

Written by AJ McDaniel

It’s the most magical time of the year that hard hitting adrenaline pumping time… Pro football is back!!!!! Well almost it’s the preseason so we’re four weeks out but it is a very bearable four weeks. Sure you won’t know a single player on the field come the fourth quarter but it is still football and you never know you could be watching the next future superstar.

The season starts Thursday August 2nd when the Chicago Bears take on the Baltimore Ravens at famous Fawcett Stadium in Canton, Ohio @ 7pm. There they will induct the Hall of Fame class of 2018, this year’s class will include: linebackers Ray Lewis, Robert Brazile, and Brian Urlacher, wide receivers Randy Moss and Terrell Owens, safety Brian Dawkins, offensive lineman Jerry Kramer, and executive inductee Bobby Beathard.

After that night a week later the rest of the NFL will get underway here is your lineup for when your favorite teams will be taking the field this month.

August 9th Bears vs. Bengals @ 6pm
Steelers vs. Eagles @ 6pm
Browns vs. Giants @ 6pm
Saints vs. Jaguars @ 6pm
Panthers vs. Bills @ 6pm
Rams vs. Ravens @ 6:30pm
Redskins vs. Patriots @ 6:30pm
Titans vs. Packers @ 7pm
Texans vs. Chiefs @ 7:30pm
Cowboys vs. Ravens @ 9pm
Colts vs. Seahawks @ 9pm
August 10th Falcons vs. Jets @ 9pm
Lions vs. Raiders @ 9pm
August 11th Chargers vs. Cardinals @ 9pm
August 16th Eagles vs. Patriots @ 6:30pm
Jets vs. Redskins @ 7pm
Steelers vs. Packers @ 7pm
August 17th Chiefs vs. Falcons @ 6pm
Giants vs. Lions @ 6pm
Bills vs. Browns @ 6:30pm
Dolphins vs. Panthers @ 6:30pm
Cardinals vs. Saints @ 7pm
August 18th Jaguars vs. Vikings @ 12pm
Raiders vs. Rams @ 3pm
Bengals vs. Cowboys @ 6pm
49ers vs. Texans @ 7pm
Buccaneers vs. Titans @ 7pm
Bears vs. Broncos @ 8:05pm
Seahawks vs. Chargers @ 8pm
August 20th Ravens vs. Colts @ 7pm
August 23rd Eagles vs. Browns @ 7pm
August 24th Giants vs. Jets @ 6:30pm
Broncos vs. Redskins @ 6:30pm
Patriots vs. Panthers @ 6:30pm
Seahawks vs. Vikings @ 7pm
Lions vs. Buccaneers @ 7pm
Packers vs. Raiders @ 9:30pm
August 25th Chiefs vs. Bears @ 12pm
Texans vs. Rams @ 3pm
Titans vs. Steelers @ 3pm
49ers vs. Colts @ 3:30pm
Ravens vs. Dolphins @ 6pm
Falcons vs. Jaguars @ 6pm
Saints vs. Chargers @ 7pm
August 26th Bengals vs. Bills @ 3pm
Cardinals vs. Cowboys @ 7pm
August 30th Dolphins vs. Falcons @ 6pm
Jets vs. Eagles @ 6pm
Patriots vs. Giants @ 6pm
Colts vs. Bengals @ 6pm
Browns vs. Lions @ 6pm
Panthers vs. Steelers @ 6:30pm
Jaguars vs. Buccaneers @ 6:30pm
Redskins vs. Ravens @ 6:30pm
Cowboys vs. Texans @ 7pm
Rams vs. Saints @ 7pm
Bills vs. Bears @ 7pm
Vikings vs. Titans @ 7pm
Packers vs. Chiefs @7:30pm
Raiders vs. Seahawks @ 9pm
Chargers vs. 49ers @ 9pm
Broncos vs. Cardinals @ 9pm

All times in Central Standard Time

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