Nintendo Switch

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In the past decade Nintendo has been falling behind in the console battles. Tech giants Sony and Microsoft have been going neck and neck while Nintendo has been in a totally different arena. This new device could be one of Nintendo’s Last chances at winning over new buyers.

At this moment we do not know much about the new console but we do know that it is called the Nintendo switch. It looks fairly similar to the Wii U but when closely examined it is turns out to be the exact opposite. The Wii U was a console with a super interactive game pad, all the power was in the console plugged into your TV and the game pad just provided more features. The switch is different in that all the power is in the handheld tablet while sources say that the actual console part connecting it to the TV is not much more than a docking station and provides no extra power or memory for the device.


What should the First look at the Nintendo Switch tell you?

-The target market is adults

-The focus is joining portability with functionality

-Nintendo is making sure people know that they offer more than mario and zelda games (but they still have those too)


If you pay close attention to the preview of the console you will notice a few things that Nintendo is trying to get across. Throughout the video not a single child was used. This is a huge sign of Nintendo trying to win over the older crowd. For the past decade Nintendo has been a game system for families. They are no longer competing for families, they are competing for the older generation. The adults who travel, Go to college, or just don’t have anything to do in their free time. Another emphasis is on portability and functionality. The video shows Nintendo taking the system outside, In a van, to a party, and to a tournament. They also show the different configurations of how you can play. This is the functionality; it shows that you have options on how you want to play. You can hold it or just use The sticks as stand alone controllers. Nintendo even snuck in a little multiplayer action ( don’t forget that all that took place outside of the house). Yet another area of emphasis was the gaming titles. Two noticeable titles that were shown were Skyrim and 2k . This are titles normally associated with other consoles but once again Nintendo is letting everyone know that this new system is more than just for families.


The system is set to drop March of 2017. Stay tuned for more information.
Tell us what you think: do you think the system will be as functional as it seems? Do you think adults will by Nintendo over Playstation or Xbox.


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