The Pilot Earpiece: A New Way to Communicate

By June 23, 2016Technology
Written By: Jordan Weekday
Before traveling to a foreign country, I would try and learn a few phrases and try to convince myself that I’m a natural. However, that notion would probably come crashing down as soon as I step off of the plane because of the fear of being ridiculed in a different language (I already get ridiculed here in America enough; I don’t need it anywhere else). If that sounds like you then this amazing in-ear device is probably exactly what you need. Set to launch later this year, the Pilot earpiece by Waverly Labs allows two people to communicate in two different languages and still understand each other.

Similar to the Babel Fish from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the Pilot translates your live speech. Therefore, when you have it one of your ears and you’re talking to someone who’s speaking Japanese you will hear what they are saying in English and they will hear you are saying in Japanese. Both people will need to be wearing one of the Pilots, however the company will be selling them as a pair so you wont need to seek out another owner of the device in that specific area; however if the Pilot sounds like your type of gadget (which it should be everyone’s), it is available for pre-order from May 25 when Waverly Labs launches an Indiegogo campaign to support this project. It comes in three colors – white, black and red – and will cost between $129-$179. It is expected to retail for $250-$300 after the limited pre-orders run out.
Obviously, with any crowdfunding campaign, there is always this risk that the product might fail to launch but something tells me that there will be a lot of people that will be happy about this one.As for me I am personally very excited to see this product become successful, I for one will probably be one of those owners. Let me know if you’ll be copping one by commenting below!

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