Raju & Chai

By April 6, 2018Music

Raju & Chai are sibling music artists on a rise!

Raju Ivaturi is a19 year old Singer/Songwriter and a Sophomore at UCSD.  Chaitanya is a 15-year-old 10th grader, a gifted singer and songwriter. As brother and sister, they compliment each other with song writing and bring a unique and subtle touch of South Indian Classical music into their melodies. Both believe in making message-oriented music that is impactful and enjoyable to all age groups. They had the privilege of beginning to work with Skyler Lexx in the summer of 2017.  Skyler was instrumental in recognizing their unique qualities and began fine-tuning their presentation and musical ventures. With Skyler as their mentor and producer, the brother-sister duo began producing new music with Sklylove Productions under Universal Music Group Label. Skyler’s mentorship helped them get noticed by major labels, with Atlantic Records and Universal Studios at the forefront.

Atlantic Records offered a great opportunity in the form of a 2-day lock out at their private studio. The duo got to choose the tracks they connected to the most from the huge database of Atlantic Records awesome tracks. Their challenge was to to write lyrics, tune a melody, and record multiple full songs with harmonies in a span of 7 hours. They plan present as many full songs as possible to the labels to prove their true potential as complete artists.



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