Transforming Your Body & Mind

Interview by: Skylar Anderson
Written by: Skylar Anderson & Allanah Taylor

As a child, Kira had acute asthma that prevented her from doing a lot of things that other kids could do. Kira had negative associations with exercising, but now she’s working towards getting her personal training certification with ACE and uses her story to give hope to others who may feel like it is impossible.

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Beyond the Image

Part II of Word of Life’s new Head Football Coach’s testimony. This article is very detailed, it is not suitable for all readers.

College was a different experience because I had great friends and success not only on the field, but also in the classroom. This was the first time that I had a group of African American friends. I viewed life from a different perspective because I did not have to deal with finding a group of people to fit in with and for once, I felt “free to live in my own skin”.

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Beyond the Image with Sammie Bush

Written by: Shelbi Ware

Sammie is an American Pop singer, who tours the United States with BET’s Rap It Up Campaign. The Rap-It-Up Campaign is a safe sex initiative created by BET and partners to urge young people in the African-American community to practice safe sex, get tested for HIV and AIDS and to know their status.

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