Being A Teenager

Being a teenager is rough
Face full of zits and hair under your arm pits
You have your break-ups, make- ups, and bad haircuts.
You have your fall-outs, brawl-outs, and even sneak-outs.
You have to get rid of who you use to be,
And start becoming who you want to be!

Marya H.

Back To School

Am I prepared???
Being prepared physically with tools is great,
But you have to be mentally prepared too
Walking the halls of greatness
May or may not get you far
It all depends on the halls you walk…
It’s very important to build a strong foundation
In knowing who and what you are
If not…
You may let something you’re not build,
And when you begin to find yourself then what you thought you were will crumble…
Be confident in who you are,
And don’t let anyone try and change you
Make new friends and have a blast
Not thinking of your past
Start new and fresh
Come dressed to impress
Showing you and your Uniqueness!

Shacora L

BNV14 Finals – Los Angeles “Text Me”

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