Sky Force Reloaded – App Review

The first 30secs if game pay is enough to get you hooked. Sky Force Reloaded is a sequel game to Infinite Dreams’ Sky Force 2014. Just like its predecessor it has amazing graphics and loads of high paced fun.

It is a game you can easily play with one hand and has tons of replay value due to the goals each level has.


Ease of Use




Fun/ Eentertainment




The game is self-explanatory for the most part. The first use tells you exactly what to do. One of the best features I think is the automatic pause that happens when you let go of the screen. everything else is just a couple clicks away. As far as game play goes it is as easy as holding your finger down and dragging it across your screen. The game does the rest for you.

Sky Force Reloaded has tons of replay value. Due to the multiple goals you can achieve per level it allows you to go back and focus on another aspect of the game so you can receive more stars. The high paced and easy game play also makes it very easy to come back to when you just want a quick game to play while you wait for something or someone.

Sky Force Reloaded is tons of fun. enemies on the ground and in the sky keep you on your toes. Add humans that need to be saved and stars that need to be picked up to the mix and it makes for an addicting game experience. A game that is not easily put down.

The graphics for Sky Force Reloaded are superb. Its predecessor had amazing graphics as well but there are noticeable changes such as the added visual depth between things in the sky and things on land. Everything looks very crisp and appealing. Many apps focus on visuals but what Infinite Dreams did with Sky Force Reloaded will leave the player in awe.

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