Written By: Timothy Waller

Life is short. That’s something that everyone can agree on. That being said, some people’s lives may be even shorted simply based on where they live. Which countries do people live the longest? The answer may surprise you…

                Many people would think that the U.S. would rank high up in the list, perhaps due to Michelle Obama’s changes in our school system, right? Wrong. According to CNN, the U.S ranks #49 with an average life expectancy of 78.37 years- roughly eleven years longer than the world average.

                Although the U.S. is 49, we still aren’t the worst. Eight countries have life expectancies less than fifty years. Mainly due to bloody civil wars or poor quality of life, these countries by far provide the shortest life in the world.

                If you’re wondering which country to move to to ensure your longevity, the answer is Monaco. This European country has a life expectancy of 89.73- the highest in the world. You may be asking, “why exactly does Monaco residents have immortality?” Well, no one can quite answer that question, but it may have something to do with the people that live there. Along with being the “longest living” country, Monaco is has the highest number of billionaires per capita and the third most expensive real estate in the world. Perhaps all those billionaires have some secret that they don’t want to share with the rest of the world (Illuminati confirmed?)…

 The U.S. is certainly lacking in our position in the life expectancy unfortunately, but we’re not the worst country in the world. According to Word Press, the U.S. ranks 14th in education, 145th in slavery, 3rd in global competitiveness, and number 1 in the super rich. There are other countries that are doing better in some instances than the U.S., but we’re certainly not last on the list.

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