What’s new in iOS10

By June 30, 2016Technology
What's new in iOS10

What’s new in iOS10

written by Kyle Holly

Earlier this month Apple held their yearly would wide developers conference in California. This year one of the major announcement was the new iOS 10 update that is coming this fall to Apple portable devices. iOS 10 includes major updates for a wide variety of apps, services, and features, including Messages, Siri, Photos, Apple Music, and more. CEO of Apple Tim Cook called this the biggest iOS update ever. Here at Teenview we are excited and here are some of the major highlighted features.

Messages has been packed with many new features like bubble effects, Digital Touch, and background animations. You can now create drawings and add notes photos and videos using a new sketch feature. For fans that like to use emojis, messages make them 3x bigger, there’s even a predictive emoji feature that will suggest words that can be replaced with emoji. Other features like Handwritten notes, hidden “invisible ink” messages, and quick “Tapback” replies are also big features to make sendings messages on an iPhone that much better. Apple Music have been redesigned with cleaner interfaces that makes using the app more simpler to use. Apple Music will now find content faster and better then before and now songs have the lyrics added in so you can sing along to all your favorite music.

Siri has also been updated. Now Siri can send messages through third party apps, as well as call for an uber. Siri can even control the lights in you house or any device that is connected to you home.

iOS 10 will release a public beta in July so jump on the list and start trying out the new futures ahead of the fall 2016 public release.

Let us know what you are most excited about with the new iOS update in the comments below.


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