What’s So Unique about April 4th?

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The nation remembers where they were April 4 1968.  It is one of those days in History when everything stopped and the country stood still.  Much like 911 or when the space shuttle exploded the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr brought us to a halt!

Today in Memphis the Lorraine Motel where King was assassinated is now the site of the National Civil Rights Museum.  People are recounting the moments because today it has been 50 years since the assassination.  Fifty years since the Peace Drum Major stood for justice.  But where has it gotten us?

There have been a lot of positive change for minorities since King and the civil rights movement.  But a lot has not.  Minorities are still under paid compared to their white counterparts.  Poverty is yet a major barrier among African Americans.  Police shootings of unarmed black individuals have brought us to our knees.

On this day is also the birthday of Maya Angelou.  Google put up her poem on it’s logo that reminds us of the resilience of minorities with her poem “Still I Rise”.

So on this day a voice was silenced but a voice was also given! I rise, I rise, We rise!!!

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