I Was Friend-Zoned On Christmas

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By ShiAnn, Samara, Trey, Amana and MiKayla

Have you ever been rejected before?  If you have, you know how it feels.  It’s emotionally painful and depressing.  I was talking to “L” on Christmas day when I told him that I liked him.  Shortly after I texted him, he replied that I was too young for him.  Later I am considering a post why love has no age but for now… He also said we are better off being friends! I was upset that he didn’t see me as more than a friend, but I found ways to get over it!

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Tips From Unfortunate Experiences

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Written by Caymen Stockbauer

I watched a video on youtube on how to get dead ends off your hair without losing length or spending money. As the really pretty Brazilian girl walked on the camera with long thick brown hair I knew i found the right vlog. While watching the video I repeat each of her steps in my very own bedroom. First, she sprayed her hair with tap water to dampen it. Next, she twisted her hair all the way down to the ends really tight. Then, she took a lighter and gently went over all the ends sticking out of the twist. WHAT A GREAT IDEA RIGHT?? No. My hair caught on fire and i went about two weeks with my hair pulled back in different styles. The point? Don’t put a lighter to your hair, even if a pretty vlogger does it.

The Promposal Epidemic

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Alright, it is the middle of April and that means Prom season is just about over! But what the Heck is up with all the promposals!?!

Now wait, I understand when some lame dude goes out of the box to ask some fine girl out on a date.  They need to do something that will capture there attention and give them some hope of getting a favorable answer.  But this crap is out of control!  Now every girl is expecting some guy to go over the top to ask her to prom.

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4 Tips For a Hassle-Free Wash Day

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Written by: Erickah Furr

My wash days and I have a love and hate relationship. They either go smoothly or have me wishing I would have gone to a salon to have someone else deal with my hair.

I would become frustrated with my hair if things were not going as planned. As a result I would begin to lose ungodly amounts of hair (mostly shedding but there was breakage too), which was defeating the purpose of why I went on my hair journey to begin with. It is no secret that when you are in a time crunch, you should not take it out on your hair. Read More

3 Things to Consider When Starting Your Own Business

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Written by: Erickah Furr

We all dream of being our own boss one day. With all the businesses that seem to be popping up overnight, punching a clock seems to be a thing of the past. Whether you are fulfilling a life-long dream of opening a gourmet restaurant or you stumble across your next big idea out of pure necessity, there is always room for more people to join the business market. Read More

Self Motivation: Helping Others

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Written by: Erickah Furr

As we close in on our Self Motivation series, it is important to review the topics we have covered so far. The first week we discussed how positivity impacts our lives. The determinant of how our day unfolds is in our control as we decide our reaction to the things that happen. While being positive is just the basis, loving the person you are is what really propels you forward to leading a successful and fulfilling life. This week’s topic is helping others. You may be wondering, what in the world does self-motivation have to do with helping others? Honestly, the two couldn’t be any more related. Read More