Cultural Appropriation in Fashion

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Written By: Helena Wares

Recently, Black appropriation has been hitting headlines, but in the fashion industry should there be lines drawn and “rules” that limit what a person wears based on their cultural roots? Trends are constantly changing with what is old becoming new and things that weren’t acceptable to wear in the past becoming the norm. Read More

Five Times Rihanna Wore What You Wouldn’t and Made it a Thing!

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Written By: Helena Wares

For people with the pretty average sense of style and not exciting wardrobe choices, taking ‘fit’ tips from icon Rihanna can kind of be overwhelming and make you really question the fashion industry. Nonetheless, everyone’s got those additions to their closet that wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for the fearless Ri-Ri. Time and time again she took the game by surprise and made the trends that the stores sell. In the eyes of the multitudes, what she wore didn’t exist until she wore it. Now it’s common law: It’s ugly ‘til Rihanna decides it’s not! Read More