Derrick Rose Cleared…

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Derrick Rose and his two friends were found NOT-LIABLE today by a jury.  This subject is very hard to discuss, however, it is one that we must address because this type of thing has and is happening far too much.Again, please be advised that the content in this blog deals with real and sensitive issues regarding sex and gang rape.

In August 27, 2013, After a few shots at Rose’s home, the plaintiff said she returned to her home and fell asleep on her bed after vomiting.  When she woke up, she noticed her dress was around her neck and she was lubed everywhere.  The guys did not refute having sex with the plaintiff.  However, they said that it was welcomed and in many cases she dictated what was happening.  There were other people that shared their knowledge of everything, including some roommates and friends.  There were text messages and other things that were used to help the gentlemen (word used lightly) feel that they had consent to engage in this affair.

As I stated earlier, they were found NOT-LIABLE, which is a verdict I have never heard before, but maybe that’s just me.  Here is this issue, how are so many of our athletes finding themselves in situations like this?  What is the takeaway from this?

I am a fan of the basketball ability of Derrick Rose, but today, he shouldn’t come out smelling like a rose.  There are an estimated 56,916 rapes per MONTH.  Yes that is not a yearly number.  In fact, by the time you finish reading this, a woman would have been rapped.  That was hard to type.  The reason I bring up the amount of rapes, is first, only an estimated 35 to 40% of all rapes are reported.  There are a few false allegations, and we do not want to seem one sided, but the numbers completely tilt one way.

Derrick Rose and his friends engaged in a behavior that greatly compromised their integrity.  I am not here to push blame or to accuse them of rape or even be Holier the Thou, they were found NOT-LIABLE, but they are liable for their actions.  How are our young men an women ok with this type of behavior?


Thinking that one women with three men is okay is the mindset that breads rape.  We need to do a better job teaching our young men AND women about relationship and SEX!

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