The Final Presidential Debate

By October 19, 2016Uncategorized

It has been a very interesting election season.  Some of you are able to vote for the very first time in a presidential campaign.  Are you empowered?  Do you feel informed?  Do you feel like the candidates are the leaders we need for this country?Well tune in for this last debate and get educated!…. Who am I kidding,  This has been a circus and all the feel of a reality TV show for ratings!  The question is, What are they selling?  More importantly, are you buying?

We have another opportunity at a first, the first female president of The United States of America.  She is no stranger to the White House or to Politics, in fact, she has been in it most of her life.  Hillary Clinton, former Senator, former Secretary of State, former First Lady, seems to be very well qualified.  Yet, there are a lot of reservations regarding here record and here way around emails.  She has a hard time getting around her husbands infidelity issues.  Not to mention the movie, Hillary’s America.

Donald Trump has been in the news for years.  A very successful business man with his name on buildings all over America.  We fell in love with him on the Apprentice.  He has been the poster boy for successful entrepreneurs for years.  Though he does not have any political experience,  this is one of his greatest appeals to many Americans.  People have lost hope in politics as usual and believe it is time for something new.  However, Trump has a storied pass as well.  His campaign “Make America Great Again” points to a pass and not the future.  There are many people that feel he is racist.  On the other hand, many people can argue that being a white man in America can automatically make you racist.  Yet, the stands he takes with building a wall to stop Mexicans from entering our country, stopping all Muslims from entering our country, and supporting Stop and Frisk doesn’t exactly help his case.

In previous debates, we have seen some unique things.  Women who have accused President Bill Clinton of rape invited as guest.  Interruptions by both candidates. And, God help them, mediators losing complete control.  Then there was the red sweater and the mustache, (Just Google Ken Bone).

Today, we can expect more of the same behavior that we were told is not acceptable growing up.  Social media will be on fleet and you may not be any closer to knowing who you should vote for.  But hey, it will be great reality TV!

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