Leslie Jones Under Attack on Twitter

By July 21, 2016General
leslie jones

Within the past 24 hours, comedian – Leslie Jones has come under attack on Twitter with racist messages and other heart wrenching tweets.

“I feel like I’m in a personal hell. I didn’t do anything to deserve this. It’s just too much. It shouldn’t be like this. So hurt right now”, Leslie says.

While hateful tweets were not enough, a user seemed to photoshop a rude reply that made it look like a reply from Ms. Jones herself, that was circulated all over twitter.

This all happened in response to her movie Ghostbusters. The recasting of the movie was to replace male dominated roles with female ones.While Leslie is the only black role in the movie it sparked much controversy.

Ms. Jones wrote, “Twitter I understand you got free speech I get it. But there has to be some guidelines when you let spread like that. You can see on the profiles that some of these people are crazy sick. It’s not enough to freeze Acct. They should be reported.”

If you go to Leslie Jones’ page you can see the ruthless comments that came her way.

“You know I’m gonna stop blocking so y’all can go through my feed yourself and see the bs. You won’t believe the evil. It’s (expletive) scary”, Leslie wrote as screenshots of the rude comments she received followed.

Here are a few that have been circulated during the root of the event.


The last tweet on her account read, “I leave Twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart. All this cause I did a movie.You can hate the movie but the (expletive) I got today…wrong”

The director of the movie Paul Feig came to her defense, “Leslie Jones is one of the greatest people I know. Any personal attacks against her are attacks against us all,” he wrote.

In response to these tweets the hashtag #LoveForLeslieJ started trending with love and support from Leslie Jones’ followers.



This is yet another eye opener in the media of the hate that is still in households today. What are your thoughts on this controversy?

Source: audacitytobeyou.com


  • Joe says:

    Ghostbusters was amazing and Leslie Jones is amazing. There really are sick people in this world. It’s sad to see all the hate in the world. She is very talented and God has big plans for her in the future!. Thanks Teenview for the news!

  • jayda thompson says:

    this is wrong but it’s good to have those positive people at time like this

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