Leveling up Fast on Pokemon GO!

By July 10, 2016General
Leveling up Fast on Pokemon Go!

We are almost 1 week into Pokemon GO, the new augmented reality app that has done the impossible; Get people off of their couches, out of their homes, and into the real world. Although based around critters of fiction, what makes this game interesting is going out and meeting other people playing the game. Whether it’s to take down an enemy gym, or to “Catch Em All”, Pokemon GO is making a huge impact on both the gaming and social scene. In the journey of becoming the best, there are many ways of leveling up fast on Pokemon GO!

I’m going to give you 5 Beginner Tips you need to know, in order to level up quickly:

  1. Pokestops, Pokestops, POKESTOPS! – You are going to need some things to start off your Pokemon Journey, and Pokestops are a great way to stock up on essentials such as Pokeballs, Potions, Lures, and Eggs (which contain strong Pokemon depending on the hatch life).
  2. Incense + Lucky Egg + Public Transportation – Now that you have all of your supplies, it is now time to start catching Pokemon. Incense is an item that draws Pokemon to you, for 30 minutes, as you move about. Lucky Egg gives you double XP for 30 minutes. This combination makes for easy leveling up, especially when you receive 1000+ XP for every new Pokedex entry caught. With that said, DRIVING while playing Pokemon GO is ILLEGAL, so catching a ride with a friend, or riding a bus, subway, or taxi, can help you not only level up quick, but also catch Pokemon from parts of the city that you don’t go to often.
  3. Public Attractions = Pokestops + Lures – If you ever find yourself in a location with a cluster of Pokestops all in close proximity to each other, throw up some lures and the Pokemon will fall from the sky. Great places to do this would be any big local attraction such as a Zoo, or a Six Flags.
  4. Low Evolution! High CP! – You may feel content with your 150CP Pidgey, and want to evolve it. My advice is don’t do it. As you level up, you will encounter even stronger base evolutions. For example, your base 150CP Pidgey will evolve into an approximate 250CP Pidgeotto, followed by a 350CP Pidgeot. If you wait, to capture a 300CP Pidgey, it can evolve into an approximate 400CP Pidgeotto, followed by a 500CP Pidgeot. By no means does this mean your lower CP Pokemon don’t have a purpose. Just transfer them to Professor Willow to receive a candy for that respective Pokemon. The candy is used to evolve Pokemon, as well as power them up with the assistance of Stardust. Stardust is a little harder to come by, so my advice is to stick to evolving stronger base evolutions, and power up only as a last resort.
  5. Avoid Gyms – I know what you’re thinking. Battling is half of the fun. This is true, but holding tough, and the rewards are just mediocre. The game allows players to participate in gym battles at Level 5. My advice is to hold off until level 10 or above before entering or claiming a gym.

Follow these simple steps, and you will be on the road, or victory road, to becoming the very best, that no one ever was. Pokemon GO is available in the on both Android and iOS devices.


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