NASA looking for Planetary Protectors

By August 10, 2017Conversation

Written By: Trey Murphy 

NASA is hiring people to become real life Men in Black. The job of “Planetary Protection Officer” (PPO). According to insiders, Catharine Conley, NASA’s only PPO since 2014, is one of only two full times roles (the other one being at the European Space Agency). This brings up the question: Does NASA believe aliens are real?

Since Conley is leaving, the job it is now opened to one albeit highly skilled person. In a new job posting, USA jobs have listed the essential of a PPO at NASA’s headquarters.

You will need to meet some astronomically high qualifications, including incredible knowledge of planetary protection, 1+ years experience at a top level civilian government role, an advanced degree in science, math, or engineering etc.

In July 2017, NASA gave out applications for the job of PPO. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is looking for someone to ensure alien life wouldn’t make it back to the ship. Planetary protection is looking for several important reasons to use our ability to study on other planets as they stay in their natural states to avoid contamination that would show unclear abilities to find life somewhere else if is true.

The NASA position, and the concept of planetary protection, is not new. The pole of PPO goes back way to 1963, when the organization made a position that they called the Planetary Quarantine Officer (PQO). When NASA posted the job listing for Earth’s PPO the expected applications from top Physicists, mathematicians, and engineering.  Would you apply for the position to be a PPO? Do you believe in Aliens? Tell us in the comments below!


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