Spider-Man is home! Thanks to a deal between Sony and Marvel Studios, Spider-Man web-swings his way back to the Big Screen in a amazing way! Here is my review!

Let me say it now Tom Holland > Andrew Garfield > Tobey Maguire. Sorry Tobey, but Tom Holland as Spider Man’s alter-ego, Peter Parker, is the best Parker we have seen on the big screen to date. If you disagree please let me know by leaving comments below. I would love to discuss it.

Now with that cleared up Spider-Man: Homecoming, the first solo Spidey movie under Marvel Studios, is a breath of fresh air for the Spider-Man franchise. Homecoming is the Spider-Man that we wanted since the first Spider-Man film hit theaters back in 2002. Tom Holland as Peter Parker is funny, witty, smart, and very lovable throughout the entire film. Holland perfectly captures Parker’s youthfulness, earnestness, and moral center. He absolutely sells it in this film that he is the definitive one to play Spider-Man on the big screen.

“With great power comes great responsibility” is the main trope throughout the all the previous Spider-Man films, but this Spider-Man sets it to a more personal and relatable level. Peter’s responsibilities are much more than being the web-slinger. Homecoming shows Peter finding that balance from being a good student, a good friend, a good kid for his Aunt May, played by actress Marisa Tomei, to being a useful superhero for Iron Man to one day use as a full-fledged Avenger. With this film Peter is back in high school as a 15-year-old teenager. He makes many mistakes throughout the film, but,just like his comic book counterpart, Peter is smart enough to right any wrong he may have caused. The story is funny, intense, shocking, and at certain parts emotional; many of these qualities Marvel Studios has perfected past films leading up to this one.

There are many characters introduced in this already established Spider-Man world, but Michael Keaton as the antagonist really stands out as the main villain in this film. His character Adrian Toomes, who comic book fans should all know him as Vulture, is a villain with a purpose. With out giving much away, Vulture has a reason why he lives his life of crime in the film. Adrian Toomes is a Villain that you can sometimes sympathize with on many occasions.

The other stand out character I want to mention is Peter’s friend during the film Ned. Ned is played by up and coming actor Jacob Batalon. Ned is more than the comic relief for the film, he really helps Peter and Spider-Man out thought the course of the film. I look forward to seeing Ned in the squeal to Homecoming and any other Spider-Man adventures he has with his superhero buddies.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is by far my favorite Spider-Man film, and also my favorite Marvel Studios film to date. With Tom Holland already signed on for a sequel solo film and Marvel has plans on including him in the upcoming Avengers film, I believe we have a few good years to really get to enjoy our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Final Grade: A+

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