The Genius of Kanye

I have never been a fan of Kanye.  I think that is important to say right up front.  He is that guy that you love him or you hate him.  As we sit back and observe from afar, we believe that Kanye prefers you hate him and it’s pure genius!

There is something about being hated.  We can also refer to it as the “villain complex”.  Mohammad Ali was a master at this.  People loved him and would come to his fights to see him win; some hated him and would come to his fights to see him loose.  Either way, people would come to the fights, and Ali always came out the winner.  Yet, with Kanye, it’s more than a publicity stunt.  He says how he feels but presents it in a way that will hit a nerve and the world starts talking!

Since his “Slavery was a choice” comments, There have been post after post, media responses.  So many people talking about it.  So many articles.  Heck, we are writing about it now and this story is over a week old!  However, it was a great set-up to get his real thoughts that he expresses in his album.  Of course, if we like him or not, we will listen to hear what other asinine thing he will say and like Mohammad Ali, he will win.

At the end of the day, I believe Kanye is challenging us to think of new perspectives.  To get someone to change their point of view you can’t do it nicely, it usually is done through confrontation, arguments, and hurt feelings so that we can eventually come to a common ground.

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