What Will You Do to Get a Girl’s Number

Written by: Kelcie Ward

A sixteen-year old jumped into zebra exhibit for a girls number!

A student at Newcastle High School in Oklahoma City jumped over two different fences to get into the zebra exhibit.

A girl dared him saying “if you jump in I’ll give you my number” the boy didn’t hesitate and jumped right in. He startled the zebras, but he never made contact with them. The Oklahoma City police department stated “We understand that in high school kids pull pranks and those kind of things, but jumping into a fence where there are wild animals is dangerous,” And we’re very thankful that neither the teen nor any of the animals were harmed.” The teenage boy was given a ticket for trespassing and was picked up by a family member. I don’t know if the girl was impressed or embarrassed, honestly if i was the girl I’d give him the wrong number.

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